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Aqua Medica

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Aqua Medica is a medical specialty practice of physical medicine and rehabilitation services, aiding health promotion and offering a range of spa, beauty and fitness facilities. All of these elements, together with the expertise of our medical team, contribute to the harmony of body, mind and spirit.

The Aqua Medica Expert Team is directed by Dr. Hadi Mansouri, a specialist physician and acupuncturist. Dr. Hadi was born in Iran. He graduated in medicine in 1996 and he specialized in physical medicine and rehabilitation in 2002. He has many years of experience in the treatment of many diseases and conditions in this field, working at spa centres, health centres and specialty practices.

The team led by Dr. Hadi is made up of professional, senior sports physiotherapists, masseurs and a nurse.

Improve your health and your knowledge of methods of improving the quality of life in a clean natural environment of the Fruska Gora National Park, using our services:

* Examination and consultation with a specialist in physical medicine, rehabilitation and acupuncture

* Pain Therapy - Shockwave Therapy by mechanical waves, acupuncture, laser acupuncture and intra-artery injections

* Medical Spa: hydro-thermal treatments in natural thermal water at 31 ° C, which you can enjoy in both indoor and outdoor swimming pools, as well as in modern whirlpool baths or using the four-cell baths

* Individual and therapeutic recreation exercises under the supervision of a physiotherapist, on dry surface or in the thermal water

* Physical therapy - all types of electrotherapy, laser therapy, magnetic therapy, thermotherapy and ultra-sound therapy

* Longitudinal spinal traction with the goal to decompress roots of spinal nerves and relieve pain

* Massage - Medical, relax, sport, anti-cellulite and lymphatic drainage (manual and machine-operated), as well as a range of luxury massages

* Medical Aesthetics - a non-invasive mesotherapy for lifting, whitening and reducing the volume of fat and anti-cellulite treatments, as well as the remodelling of the body using the modern Exilis radiofrequency device. After a series of 5-6 treatments: the effect of reducing the circumference is achieved at selected parts of the body or the effect of rejuvenating skin tightening, depending on the program selected

* Fitness studio with modern Medical fitness equipment – unique in Serbia.

Soothing thermal water, which the pools of Premier Aqua are filled with, has been known for over 3 centuries. At its water source it is 35,3°C, while, thanks to the state-of the-art water management system for thermal waters, its temperature at the end – the pools, is 31°C , which is considered to be optimal for muscle relaxation and water activities. The water maintains its soothing properties and has a positive impact of its active substances – sulphur, sodium, calcium, magnesium and hydro-carbonates. It has a strong impact on bone and joint system, rheumatic symptoms, skin conditions and it helps wounds to heal – e.g. encourages the epithelialization. Moreover, there are further indication areas, such as:

* All forms of degenerative rheumatism

* Inflammatory rheumatism in remission

* Treatment and prevention of osteoporosis

* Post-injury condition of bone-ligament apparatus

* Posttraumatic and postoperative conditions of locomotive system

* Neurological conditions

* Neurological complication caused by diabetes(polyneuropathia)

* Prevention and treatment of spinal deformities among children

We place great emphasis on prevention and anti-stress programs, aiming to strengthen the immune system and detoxify the whole ogranism, as well as to prevent chronic diseases from developing, such as degenerative rheumatism, osteoporosis, cardio-vascular conditions, diabetes and obesity.

There are also special programmes available, which you can enjoy at “Aqua Medica”:

OAlongside the activities in „Aqua Medica“, we strongly recommend the outdoor recreational activities, such as exercises in the pool or outdoors, walking or riding a bicycle. Use your every minute in this natural oasis, charge your batteries with soothing elements that are all around you.