Aqua Medica
Hotel Premier Aqua, Aqua Medica centar

Aqua Medica is a specialist practice for physical medicine and rehabilitation. It was founded in 2012 and is managed by a specialist physiatrist and acupuncturist together with his team of physiotherapists using modern BTL equipment. Innovation in work and application of modern technologies and methods of treatment are imperative of working with patients. Continuous education of professional staff and the latest technologies in the field of rehabilitation are responsible for our success in working with patients.

Aqua Medica center services

* Examination and consultation with a specialist physiatrist
* Giving an intra-articular injection
* Physical therapy
* Kinesitherapy
* Hyperbaric chamber
* Electrotherapy: Tens, Interference currents, Galvanic current, Diadynamic currents, Electrostimulation, Electrophoresis

* Ultrasound therapy
* Magnetotherapy
* Superinductive system
* Emsella chair
* Hyaluronic fillers
* Aqua Medica massage (30, 50 min)
* Laser therapy
* Hilt laser, high intensity

* Apparatus lymphatic drainage
* Thermotherapy procedure
* Bioptron lamp
* Cryotherapy
* Kinetek
* Current therapy
* Shockwave therapy
* Spinal column extension
* Four-cell bath
* Hydromassage
* Hydrokinesitherapy