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About us

The hotel is ideally located, between Belgrade and Novi Sad, at the spring of thermal water in the spa town of Vrdnik. It has a modern spa, indoor and outdoor pools, Congress hall, restaurant and luxuriously equipped accommodation and suites. Hotel Premier Aqua is an ideal synergy of natural beauty and tranquillity of Fruska Gora Mt. With its state-of-the-art technology and comfort and with its activities, it can satisfy the choosiest of guests. If you desire to spend some memorable moments, to spend time in the open and breathe the fresh Fruska Gora air, to experience spiritual peace in one of the Mt.’s monasteries, and have a 5 * luxury experience – then, hotel "Premier Aqua" is an ideal resort for you.

Fruska gora

FRUSKA GORA IS A NATURAL TREASURE OF HEALTH. AT EVERY STEP, AT EVERY LOOK SHE UNSELFELY SHARES HER GIFTS, MAKING US STRONGER AND HEALTHIER. Fruska gora, an old huge mountain that stretches in the northern part of Srem, has great ecological, historical and cultural significance. Once an island in the Pannonian Sea, and today a national park, Fruška gora has more than 1,500 plant species, 220 species of birds, 60 species of mammals and 23 species of amphibians and reptiles. The position of the mountain itself and its vegetation are responsible for creating a specific local climate, which is extremely beneficial for the body and psyche, and the wind called Frushkogorac as well as the air flow, the so-called wind rose, contribute to that. In the 14th century, Stefan Lazarević, the son of Prince Lazar, noted in his writings the importance of Fruška gora because of its specific energy that it emits and which heals. The entanglement of winds that intersect above this magical place seems to have been created to help man heal his body and calm his spirit. Air rich in oxygen and ozone is beneficial for the respiratory organs, but also for overall health. Simply put, when you breathe on a mountain, you breathe pure nature.

National park

FRUSKA GORA NATIONAL PARK AND THE GORNJE PODUNAVLJE SPECIAL NATURE RESERVE ARE THE FIRST PROTECTED AREAS IN SERBIA WHICH HAVE RECEIVED THE EUROPEAN CHARTER FOR SUSTAINABLE TOURISM EUROPARK FEDERATION FROM WORLD WIDE FUND FOR NATURE (WWF). The air is of exceptional quality, the climate is moderately continental, with a large number of sunny days a year and with very little precipitation. Linden is the sacred tree of all Slavs, and linden groves and some specimens were once the center of the cult of the Slavic religion. Fruška gora boasts the highest concentration of linden forest in Europe. The flowering of the linden on the mountain was accompanied by the visit of beekeepers from the entire region and the grazing of bees, because the honey from this mountain contains as much as 93 percent linden nectar, so it is not surprising that the geographical origin of this honey is protected.

Flora and fauna

FRUSKA GORA, IN ADDITION TO THE DIVERSE OF FLORA AND FAUNA, CAN ALSO BOAST A RICH WORLD OF FUNGI, WITH OVER 1,400 REGISTERD SPECIES, OF WHICH 200 ARE MEDICINAL, EDIBLE OR CONDITIONALLY EDIBLE FUNGI. 500 species of butterflies flutter in the National Park, and 211 species of birds fly in the sky, 130 of them also nest there, which makes it one of the most important nesting areas for rare birds in Serbia. Among the birds is the eagle crusader, the most endangered species from the world's "red list". For now in our country you can find his nests only on Fruška gora.