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Natural properties of the healing water

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Soothing thermal water, which the pools of Premier Aqua hotel are filled with, has been known for over 3 centuries. At the time when Vrdnik was a mining village, the miners were the first to try the positive effects of this healing water. Working in a mine, they often stood in water that was appearing from the cracks in limestone. Not knowing anything about its healing effects at the time, the miners could only notice that the symptoms they suffered from – rheumatism and wounds on their legs- were milder and were easier to handle. That was the first time that this water was tested, after an accident happened at the mine (one of many accidents that happened) in the South shaft, after which the mine was definitely closed for work. Water analysis results only confirmed the miners’ statements and scientific work frames were set to see how this water could be use in medical purposes.

  • Banja Vrdnik, Fruska gora, Hotel Premier Aqua, Wellness and spa, Aqua Medica, bazeni, termalna voda, Smestaj, Apartmani

Thermal water from the same underground source – the underground lake – is still in the pools of the “Premier Aqua“ hotel and is used for medical purposes in special practice for physical medicine and rehabilitation “Aqua Medica“ within the hotel.

At its water source it's 35,3°C, while, thanks to our up-to-date water management system for thermal waters, its temperature at the end – the pools, is 31°C , which is considered to be optimal for muscle relaxation and water activities. The water maintains its soothing characteristics and has a positive impact of its active substances – sulphur, sodium, calcium, magnesium and hydro-carbonates.

Indication areas are:

* All forms of degenerative rheumatism

* Inflammatory rheumatism in remission

* Treating and prevention of osteoporosis

* Skin disease (psoriasis)

* Post-injury condition of bone-ligament apparatus

* Post-traumatic and postoperative conditions of the locomotive system

* Neurological conditions

* Neurological complications caused by diabetes (polyneuropathia)

* Prevention and treating deformities of spine with childre

Bathing in this thermal water is specially recommended for treatment of joint, muscle and tendon conditions, peripheral nerve lesions, digestive, gynecological and even psychosomatic conditions, but also with disorders such as: stress, fatigue (especially caused by mental exhaustion), sense of work disability, decreased concentration and memory, over-sensitivity, irritability, moodiness, petulance and sleep disorders.