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The hotel is ideally located, between Belgrade and Novi Sad, at the spring of thermal water in the spa town of Vrdnik. It has a modern spa, indoor and outdoor pools, Congress hall, restaurant and luxuriously equipped accommodation and suites. Hotel Premier Aqua is an ideal synergy of natural beauty and tranquillity of Fruska Gora Mt. With its state-of-the-art technology and comfort and with its activities, it can satisfy the choosiest of guests. If you desire to spend some memorable moments, to spend time in the open and breathe the fresh Fruska Gora air, to experience spiritual peace in one of the Mt.’s monasteries, and have a 5 * luxury experience – then, hotel "Premier Aqua" is an ideal resort for you.

Hyperbaric chamber

Hyperbaric chamber has multiple significance for clinical medicine By applying hyperbaric oxygenation we increase the delivery of oxygen to the cells, we promote the formation of new capillaries where the old ones are sick or clogged, we increase the creation and utilization of energy, we improve the immune response organism on the attack of microorganisms, we promote accelerated wound healing, we interfere with the production of toxins and improve the detoxification of the organism, we intensify it defense against free radicals, we reduce swelling in the extremities, organs and brain, we significantly reduce muscle spasms of various origins… The benefits of using HBO as an adjunct method in modern medicine have been proven today. In combination with other accepted methods of treatment, hyperbaric oxygen is a powerful drug that effectively treats or alleviates all diseases in which they are deficient oxygen and poor circulation are consequence of health problems, infections or many other conditions.

Hyperbaric oxygenation - 7.000,00 rsd


* HBOT diffusely increases the amount of oxygen in the cells at the expense of physically dissolved oxygen in the plasma, which corrects hypoxia and reduces the inflammatory reaction of tissues.

* HBOT has a strong ant edematous effect (reduction of swelling) causing vasoconstriction and faster recovery of intraendothelial blood vessel complexes.

* HBOT raises the level of antioxidant defense of the organism, which slows down the aging processes of the cell and the organism as a whole.

* HBOT enhances the action of antibiotics, increases the phagocytic ability of leukocytes and has bactericidal and bacteriostatic effects on certain types of bacteria.

* HBOT increases the sensitivity of malignant cells to ionizing radiation and reduces the "side" effects of radiation.

* HBOT accelerates the regeneration of nervous tissue, improves nerve conduction and reduces spasm, improves mental functions.

* HBOT improves psychophysical fitness and has an anti-stress effect, and is therefore also used by athletes for faster recovery after injuries and faster acquisition of psychophysical fitness.