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Physical therapies

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Therapeutic packages

* Therapeutic day 1 - physical procedures - 1.500,00 rsd

* Therapeutic day 2 - physical procedures, exercise, massage - 2.000,00 rsd

* Therapeutic day 3 – physical procedures, exercise, hydro procedures/acupuncture/spinal column extension, massage - 3.000,00 rsd

* Therapeutic day 4 - hydro procedures, physical procedures, acupuncture/extension of the spine, exercise, massage - 4.000,00 rsd

Contemporary apparatus for physical medicine that our practice is equipped with, offers a possibility of wide spectrum physical procedures use, and those are:

Electro therapy

Duo-dynamic currents represent various modulations of impulse flow of galvanic current in its shape, frequency and amplitude, which have strong analgesic impact with quick effect and with duration of a couple of hours; they have a strong analgesic effects on reducing swelling and muscle spasm. Used with: contusion, distortion, luxation, rheumatic conditions, distortion, spastic disorders, vaso-motoric disorders, muscular atrophy.

Interferential currents or "crossed currents" were named after the effect of interference that appears in tissue when two independent current flows are crossed. In combination with vacuum, better and stronger stimulation of blood flow is achieved, which has good effect on the reduction of pain caused by insufficient oxygen influx. It is widely used with all degenerative rheumatic conditions of large joints (hip, knee, shoulder), with back pain, Morbus Sudeck. Special advantage of using interferential currents can be seen with patients that have suffered breaking a bone and already have metal placed in the bone. Because of that metal, these patients mustn’t receive any other type of current therapy. Additionally, the current stimulates osteogenesis and can be used on day one of therapy.

Galvanization is a one-way constant current that improves feeding tissue, reduces swelling, reduces inflammation, helps eliminate factors that cause pain.

Electro-phoresis is a transcutaneous admission of medicine with galvanic current. Most often it is potassium iodate, corticosteroids, tyomucasis and Novocain. Indication to prescribe this therapy are: neuralgia, compressive radiculopathy, myalgia, post-traumatic conditions, periphery numbness, post-stroke conditions (CVI), rheumatic conditions, Morbus Raynaud, occlusive vascular conditions.

Electro stimulation is an irritation with set intensity, frequency and durance current, with the purpose to provoke muscle contraction in numb muscles, which are not able to function in a normal way for various reasons.

Tens (transcutaneous electro-nerve stimulation) is one of the most efficient methods in pain fighting. It enables the patient to control the acute and chronic pain levels and, thus, to reduce taking analgesics without any side-effects. Used with: migraine, sprain, back pain, neuralgia, rheumatic pains.


Ultrasound therapy can be used in therapy as continuous and impulse, but also as sub-aqua therapy. Due to its multiple effect: mechanical, thermal, physical-chemical, neuro-reflex effect, it represents a very efficient tool in treating many different conditions and diseases of the muscular, ligament and bone-joint systems. Ultra-sound causes a micro-massage of tissue and increases the body temperature locally, which then leads to better blood circulation through the treated area, and quickens the whole healing process. Moreover, it leads to a chain of chemical and physical positive changes (Ph value from neutral to alkaline, free radicals discharge) with positive influence on the vegetative nervous system.

Due to various effects it has on an organism, it also has analgesic, spasmolytic and anti-inflammatory effect.

Indications for using the ultra-sound are: pain and muscle spasm due to rheumatic processes, degenerative joint conditions, post-injury conditions, joint contractions, re-modelling of scarred tissue, various inflammatory conditions of soft tissue (tendinitis, tendovaginitis, enthezitis, bursitis, peri- arthritis of shoulder and other joints).

Laser (stimulated light emission) is a therapy used in all areas of medicine. It is used in therapies for its analgesic, regenerative and trophic impact. The best results are seen in various pain treatments, skin damage and sub-dermal tissue (burns, wound, open wounds, chronic ulcers, various forms of herpes), arthrosis and soft tissue injuries. Used also as laser- acupuncture to acupuncture spots.

Magnet therapy represents the use of electro-magnetic field energy in therapy. Magnet therapy improves the blood circulation, improves metabolism, stabilizes the blood pressure, strengthens the whole immune system, effects the endocrine and nerve system, stimulates production of endorphin and serotonin, reduces stress and depressive conditions. Indications are: post-traumatic conditions, inflammatory and degenerative rheumatism, lesions of periphery motoric neurons, osteoporosis, arthrosis of periphery joints, blood circulation disorders, acute and chronic inflammations of female reproductive organs, burns, headaches, multiple sclerosis, neuralgia.

Shockwave therapy with shock waves represents the latest achievement in pain therapy. Shockwave therapy with shock waves is a modern, highly effective treatment, which uses high-energy sound waves introduced to pain area. Shock waves change the area around the cells and provoke secretion of substances which block the pain irritation, e.g. which reduce pain sensitivity (endorphin). Shock waves effect the cell membrane in a such way that they prevent the pain receptors from transporting the signals. It encourages the healing process by activating self-regeneration of the whole body, stimulates metabolism and improves the blood circulation. The damaged tissue is regenerated.

Main indications for radial shock wave therapy are:

* Plantar fasciitis (inflammation of bound feet), with or without a heel mandrel

* Aching shoulder (calcification of tendon -m.supraspinatusa and m.infraspinatusa)

* Tennis elbow

* Jumper's knee (patellar tip syndrome)

* Inflammation of the tendon attachment of the pelvic- above knee muscles

* Inflammation of Achilles tendon

Thermo therapy Can be applied in treating chronic inflammations, degenerative disorders, post-traumatic conditions or as introductory therapy for kinesis therapy and spine traction. Hydro-collator packs are used as heat source at our centre. It is hydro silicate gel bentonite, factory packed in small cotton bags. Indication for use are: muscle-skeleton injuries such as contusions, distortions, distensions, conditions following joint twists and bone breaking, post traumatic joint contractions, inflammatory and degenerative rheumatism, fibro-myalgia, neuralgia.

Light (photo) therapy

Bioptron lamp is a medical apparatus for light therapy with special optic part that emits light similar to a part of electromagnetic spectrum of natural Sun light, but no UV rays.

How it works: it improves micro-circulation, normalizes metabolism, strengthens the immune system, improves wound healing, takes away pains or reduces its intensity.

Indications are: different wounds, burns, post-traumatic conditions and sport injuries such as muscle spasm, joint distortion, tendon, ligament and muscle ruptures, arthritis and arthrosis, fibro myalgia, cellulitis, neuralgia, etc.


Lymphatic drainage is one of the most efficient techniques for detoxification and tissue regeneration. It performs unblocking of lymphatic channels and blood vessels, which enables a natural flow of lymph from periphery body parts, and it brings about the reduction of swellings and pain caused by high quantity of lymph and metabolites in body. It has good effect on the nervous, muscular and immune system. Regenerating impact of lymph drainage is not limited only to the treated tissue, but to deep tissues also, i.e. in case of osteoporosis and stiff limbs.

Spinal cord traction is a technique where mechanical force is used to increase the gap between the vertebrae. Soft tissue is stretched in this way, but also muscles and spine are relaxed, and inter-vertebral space is increased, while the roots of spinal nerves are decompressed. Basic indications for spinal cord tractions are: degenerative changes of spinal cord, Fasset syndrome, herniation, protrusion of disc in specific stadiums, narrowing of inter-vertebral openings, paravertebral muscle spasms, etc.

Hydro therapy

Hydro massage implies water treatment in a hydro-massage tub, where high water pressure sprinklers are used to encourage blood circulation and lymph drainage. Main characteristics and options of hydro-massage tubs are ergonomically shaped handles and sprinklers, adjusting the intensity of water pressure, the use of thermal water, underwater massage, light therapy, LED lighting of tub exterior, 8 large and 24 small water sprinklers, 4 massage zones (feet, lower extremities, knees, gluteal area, thighs, hips, back, upper extremities up to shoulders), 122 air sprinklers in 2 zones...

Four cell bath is applied in small tubs with installed electrodes in their walls. It is for extremities, two tubs for arms and two for legs, and a patient feels mild tingling on the skin. Water is distributed evenly around extremities and the current effects significantly larger area of body surface. Applied in case of spondylotic changes of the spinal cord and all secondary changes due to that condition, polyneuropathy, circulation disorders, rheumatologic arthritis, hand and feet arthrosis.