Adults only hotel in Serbia.

About us

The hotel is ideally located, between Belgrade and Novi Sad, at the spring of thermal water in the spa town of Vrdnik. It has a modern spa, indoor and outdoor pools, Congress hall, restaurant and luxuriously equipped accommodation and suites. Hotel Premier Aqua is an ideal synergy of natural beauty and tranquillity of Fruska Gora Mt. With its state-of-the-art technology and comfort and with its activities, it can satisfy the choosiest of guests. If you desire to spend some memorable moments, to spend time in the open and breathe the fresh Fruska Gora air, to experience spiritual peace in one of the Mt.’s monasteries, and have a 5 * luxury experience – then, hotel "Premier Aqua" is an ideal resort for you.

Aqua Medica

Health is the greatest wealth!

Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, not only the absence of disease and infirmity. Being healthy has different meanings for different people. For lay people, this usually means not being sick, while for health workers health implies the absence of medically defined diseases and disabilities. Many definitions of health besides medical and philosophical have psychological, social and economic dimension. Attempts to define health and disease begin with the emergence of the human race and can be traced back to the time of Galen. Defining the terms "health" and "disease" it is a very complex task, because it is difficult to set a limit where health ends and where the disease begins. Explaining the transition from health to disease Hippocrates says: "Sickness does not come at once, as from a clear sky, but is a consequence a long series of small, insignificant mistakes against health, which are followed by one on the other and grow like a rolling snowball, until one day they fall on the head of the one who sins.” Realizing how important health is, the moment we neglect it or not we disturb in some way, we do everything to get back into balance. The road is sometimes difficult and thorny, but if we regain awareness of how important the relationship is between mental and physical health, we are already halfway to recovery. It's up to us to make decisions, which direction we choose, we don't have a magic wand, but we certainly have a solution. Get to know yourself, socialize with nature that gives us infinite power and energy, try something new, challenge yourself.

The cure is in us and around us. You just have to recognize it. The pulse of nature, the pulse of man.